Stock the shelves. Customers are coming.

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adJelly is perfect for ecommerce stores using

Stay a step ahead with your ecommerce store. See how you can drive more sales, stay in sight when customers are ready to buy and get smart with ads related to products you have in stock.


Be there when customers are ready to buy

Your customers will rarely buy goods from the first glance so use our retargeted ads to make sure that what you’re selling is visible to people who have already shown interest in your products at the time that they are ready to buy.

Dynamic ads

Automate your advertising

Advertise products that people have shown interest in by connecting your shop inventory and we’ll dynamically publish ads of the products that best suit their needs.

Trackable links

Know where your customers are coming from

Automatically generate trackable links for your ads to retarget visitors to your site from otherwise hard to track channels.